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     Curious about Natural Horsemanship?  Problems with your horse?  Want a more responsive horse?  Or perhaps you have a young horse and just don't know where to get started.  David Hill is an accomplished Horseman who employs the philosophies of Natural Horsemanship to train people and their horses.  From beginner to advancing, his knowledge of communication and training will get you on the right path with your horse.
     "Our program is taught in an environment where the horse is allowed to express himself.  Students learn about the horse's true nature through a series of mental/physical excersises that encourage the horse to make his own decisions without restraint or force.  At the same time, students learn how to act as a herd leader to their horses.  Because students work with the horse's nature, instead of trying to control and force it, they have willing, happier, safe, and responsive horses, and that's what its all about."
     Programs include:  One on one instruction, Colt starting, Foundation training, and Horsemanship workshops.  All based on the principles and philosophies of Natural Horsemanship.

DH Horsemanship Company
PO Box 112
Goldthwaite Tx 76844
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DH Horsemanship
PO Box 112
Goldthwaite Tx 76844